3 Men’s Style Tips For Staying Sexy and Keeping Cool This Summer.

Hey, hey, hey! So, I wanted to share some style tips for looking good and keeping cool this summa. I was chatting with a former personal stylist client who got the Create A Minimalist, Versatile Wardrobe package over the winter. When we worked together, I showed him the magic of layering when putting outfits together. He was telling me how he doesn’t have the same layers to work with because it’s summer and wanted to know how to show his style when layering wasn’t an option. So, without further ado, here’s a solution: 3 Men’s Style Tips For Staying Sexy and Keeping Cool In The Summer.

I love men’s style. I mean, when you see a well-dressed gentleman it’s hard not to swoon. I don’t know about you, but I always get this lit-up-smile when I see a guy rocking his authentic personal style to the fullest. It’s sexy. It’s confident. And it sends a statement of self-respect. Which I’m a big fan of. I think well-dressed people are well-mannered, and manners are sexy because they look like old fashioned gestures like, here’s my jacket when you’re cold, and, lemme open your car door, and yes– I am a fan of that old school shit. Don’t judge me.

Point is, there are tons of little things you can do to express your style in the summer time, even when you’re wearing less clothes. For example, when I go to the beach and break out my black Brazilian-cut bikini with the gold chain straps on the halter top and side strap of the bottom, I usually add my red lipstick, gold hoops, gold necklace, cat eye shades, and black wedge heels to the mix. That way, I can pop on my jean shorts, or summer dress over top of it on my way, and then hit the board walk or cafe after the beach and still feel sexy and stylish. You take your flip flops off to walk on the sand anyway, so why not just rock some cute wedge heels? That’s my philosophy. But, this post isn’t about women’s summer tips — that was just an example of how I accessorize and express my style wearing only two pieces of clothing. Get it? Got it. Good. Which brings me to my first tip for men!

Summer Style Tip #1 – Utilize Accessories To Make a Style Statement.

During the summer when it’s hot, it’s easy to use accessories as a way to add style to your look. For example, a backwards frayed baseball cap gives you a casual denim effect, stacked with short gold necklaces layered of different lengths, and a simple vintage t-shirt is stylist way to do summer casual. These small details always add your personal style and expression to your outfit. Simple, but a sexy statement that uses accessories to create his summer style look.

Summer Style Tip #2 – Suit Up In An Unlined Blazer For A Sexy Look Sans Sweat. 

This one is super easy. I know, the last think you think about it adding a layer to your look when it’s 90 degrees outside, but here me out. In the June 2018 issue of Men’s Health magazine, Megan Collins, of the mens fashion & lifestyle site, Style Girlfriend, takes to the Style section and says, “the key to summer style is lightweight fabrics like ultrafine wool, linen, and cotton”.

In this pic to the left, you see my friend Marcial rocking a Perry Ellis summer suit.  He’s a west coast, Cali guy living on a horse ranch, so this thin linen suit look is perfect. But this is a great clip of a way you can keep up that gentleman look in the summer time. The more lightweight materials that Megan mentioned above are the key to keeping the sweat off your back. Collins says, “may look hot but but the key to summer fashion is unlined blazer, which is super wearable in the summer heat. This one pictured here is super flexible because it’s equally appropriate for work and weekends. And the unlined blazer means all sexy and no sweat.”

Summer Style Tip #3 –  Play With Your Pant Cuffs, T-Shirt Sleeves and Buttons.

I took a pic of the Megan Collin’s Men’s Health article featuring Bradley Wright-Phillips here to my right. What I love about this is how he rolls his pants sleeves and pairs it with sneakers and no socks. I absolutely love that look for summer. Again, if you choose the right lightweight material, these pants won’t make you sweat. Another option that isn’t displayed here but that you could play with leaving the buttons undone in a short sleeved Henley t-shirt. Roll your t-shirt sleeves just once, or get premuim basic tee, like this one from Good Life, in a fun, summer color like yellow. Put that with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, fold the pant cuffs, and rock a pair of  white leather sneakers, from Kenneth Cole, or this pair of Toms white canvas sneakers if you’re into more ethical options like me.

And there you have it! Try incorporating these 3 Men’s Summer Style Tips into your wardrobe rotation this week and let me know what you think in the comments below. Tag me @sexualitystylist in your photos on Instagram, so I can see how you’re applying these tips in real life! I can’t wait to see your summer style. Have a sweat-less summer season, gentleman.

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