What kind of pain can I help clients and readers eliminate from their lives? 

  • Looking in the mirror and thinking, “who would wanna f*ck that guy, no one.”
  • If you’re really unhappy with your look, your general look is wearing the same things constantly and a lot of loose fitting clothes.
  • Tired of buying a bunch of shit and hoping it works out. Buying a whole bunch of dress pants and shirts that aren’t realistic to your lifestyle.
  • Knowing only how to emotionally connect with women through your sexuality.

What bad habit can I help them get rid of? 

  • Shopping just to shop because you know you need new clothes, but are just buying shit to buy shit and shopping aimlessly without clarity on what their personal style is and buying things that they actually need, fit well, and look good on them.
  • Trying to match colors, and think of things other people would wear then choosing something in your closet that was the closest. Sometimes it looks okay, but it’s never awesome.
  • Never updating your lingerie drawer.
  • Not dressing up for romantic potential and not feeling sexy and confident in your clothes.
  • Neglecting your divine sexuality and romantic potential by staying in career mode because that’s the area of life where you feel most validated.

What mistake do you want them to stop making?

  • Not using your wardrobe to it’s full potential. A woman who is a potential love interest will decide if she’s attracted to you based on how you have presented yourself. If you’re not well-dressed, you’re less appealing to the women you want to date, and therefore losing opportunities to gain her respect, and ultimately captivate the woman of your dreams.
  • Using sex to create a false sense of intimacy in your romantic relationships. Not knowing how to cultivate a great loving relationship from emotional vulnerability, connection, and communication.
  • Choosing to dress in a way that doesn’t attract what you really want in life. Dressing like your the cubicle 9-5 guy when you’re really the CEO. Nobody knows who you are unless you tell them who you are. What you wear communicates what you say before you even speak a word.

What obstacle can I help them overcome?

  • Building a wardrobe that gets you respect in your career and romantic relationships. Create a functional and affordable wardrobe for your lifestyle, that helps you get the dream woman, and that promotion that’s long overdue at the office.
  • Stop dressing under the influence of friends and family members because you don’t know what to wear and you just follow what everyone else is doing. Stop letting your upbringing and what people are wearing around you dictate how you dress instead of putting in the work to identify your own style so you can look badass and feel like yourself.
  • Only getting dressed up for special occasions, or for romantic dates but wearing “drab, this isn’t really me” clothing or atheleisure most of the time.

What can I help them achieve in the year ahead?

  • Build your dream wardrobe that works for your lifestyle, fits your budget, and helps you gain respect in career and romance.
  • Shift your mindset around why investing in your wardrobe and is key to having anything you want in life.
  • Open you up to new style archetypes that you didn’t know existed. Helping you dress outside your comfort zone, using clothes as a catalyst for becoming the man that can attract and keep the woman of your dreams.
  • Experiment with new cuts, colors, shapes, materials, and styles that you wouldn’t think to put together.

What good habit can I help them develop?

  • Prioritizing romance.
  • Being a well-dressed gentleman with a versatile, minimalist wardrobe that sets you up for success in career and romance.
  • Implement daily practical style tips to dress with confidence for date night, and selecting great outfits for daily activities.
  • Become a sexual force of nature and define what it means to be a man on your own terms. Then, you’ll live by that everyday.
  • Knowing how to use your divine and primal masculinity in relationship that serve a woman and make her feel like you’re the best man she’s ever had.
  • Design and implement your own relationship blueprint that works for you and your partner.

What positive change could I help them bring about in their lives?

  • Be and feel well-dressed everyday.
  • Know how to shop and how to put an outfit together for any occasion using the clothes that you already have, and pairing them with new wardrobe pieces.
  • Learn to identify what you really like when it comes to clothes.
  • Gain clarity on the kind of woman you want in your life.
  • Redefine your sexuality, and learn how to harness this power to serve the woman of your dreams.
  • Feeling confident to talk to any woman, because you’re a respected, well-dressed gentleman.

What goal can I help them reach?

  • Build a dream wardrobe that’s affordable and functional for the lifestyle they are living now, and also helps get results in romantic relationships and career.
  • Stop wearing clothes that make you look frumpy and boring.
  • Stop wearing the same things over and over that don’t make you feel good.
  • How to use your wardrobe to achieve what you want in life.
  • How to feel sexy and confident on a first date.
  • Learn how to identify shopping brands that work for your body type.
  • Stop dressing in work out clothes during your leisure time.
  • Get a new wardrobe that makes you feel badass all of the time.
  • Find affordable, stylish pieces to fill the gaps in your wardrobe.
  • Identify bad shopping habits, and learn how to create outfit formulas to help you get dressed everyday in style.
  • Gain clarity on what women want in relationships, and work to give them what they really need.