Hello! I’m Stacy, I write Sexuality Stylist for anyone who feels out of touch with their romantic side, who thinks you have to look a certain way to wear pretty clothes, and doesn’t want to think about fashion too much.

When I was a little girl, shopping and closet space really wasn’t on my mind. We grew up on the east side of Allentown in a small two-bedroom apartment, where my sister and I shared a room. I remember having a dresser, but not much closet space. My version of getting new clothes was sifting through hefty bags of hand-me-downs. My mom would bring them in, set them down in the center of the bedroom floor, and my sister and I would rummage through and pick out our faves. I never really paid attention to labels, but more so the look and feel of the clothes. I do remember getting this GUESS logo shirt t-shirt that was two sizes too big, but I fell in love with it and put it together with faded black jeans and worn in, white leather high top sneakers with white and black laces that I had forever. I felt so stylish! I don’t even know how I learned about GUESS. We weren’t getting monthly Vogue subscriptions sent to our door, but regardless I felt like a million bucks when I put on that outfit. Another one of my favorites was this purple and black t-shirt with this Egyptian print on it with matching black and purple stripped biker shorts. That outfit hung around for a while. My sister and I both got some good mileage out of it.

From a very young age, I learned how to be creative with putting outfits together using what you had. Fashion became my armor. We didn’t have much, but I found a way to feel like a million bucks and look stylish. I effortlessly put outfits together, mixing-and-matching what I already had with the latest fashions from the Hefty bags. To this day, that was the best styling I’ve ever done.

Fast forward a couple decades later, and I created Sexuality Stylist blog bringing my two loves together. Dressing the Marilyn Monroe in every woman; and being that woman, even when you don’t feel like it. Sexuality Stylist started in 2016 as a passion project at a crossroads in my career. Before I became a certified personal stylist and began working as a stylist at a bridesmaid dress boutique downtown, mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses and putting palettes together for the bride’s big day; I spent five years working as a certified holistic health coach specializing in romantic relationships. I worked with clients one-on-one, in-person, and virtually from New York to Los Angeles. In styling bridesmaid dresses for women of all shapes and sizes, I really developed a knack for finding the perfect ensemble for each body type and personal style for some of life’s most special occasions. In my experience in styling and coaching, I realized everyone wants to glisten and radiate like Marilyn Monroe. It became clear to me that my job is to find the Hollywood bombshell in every woman, and invite her to the party.

Professional inquiries: stacy@sexualitystylist.com

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