Process to Purchase Pocket Guide.


A playful, four step check-in process that you’ll read when you’re thinking about buying a product. It’s like your stylish girlfriend in your pocket. Use this as a pocket guide when you’re in the store and need to double check if what you want to buy is really right for you.


This 4-step Process to Purchase Pocket Guide was written in two, short pages to put quick style tips in your pocket in two, short pages! It was created in short steps to make the process to purchase something less complicated and written in a light-hearted, playful tone to help people remember how to determine when to buy something and when to keep looking. One of my recent clients expressed how they would go to the store, buy random pieces, and hope they went together and worked out, but it never did. This guide is brief, but it’s a small step in the right direction to help guide you through the pressure of sales people and pretty fashions. I wanted to create a short pocket guide that you could literally carry with you when shopping to help you decide if the item you were thinking of buying was right for you.

This product is for you, if you can relate:

“My general look was wearing the same things constantly and I wore a lot of loose fitting clothes. I was tired of buying a bunch of shit and hoping it worked out. I bought a whole bunch of dress pants and shirts, but it wasn’t realistic to my lifestyle.” – Client, 36


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