The Ultimate Shopping Guide.


The Ultimate Shopping Guide From Sexuality Stylist includes 8 signature steps recommend for anyone who wants to make their shopping experience go from overwhelming, stressful and unproductive, to shopping with confidence, knowing exactly how to shop, what to look for without relying on friends or retail attendants for advice and guidance. This guide covers everything from how to prepare for your shopping trip before you go, how to shop with your personal style in mind, knowing what pieces you’re really attracted to, when to buy, and when to keep looking, how to make the most of your budget, finding clothes that fit, how to only buy what you love, PLUS an exclusive fitting room guide that helps you get in and out of what can be the most dreaded place in the mall, the fitting room, with effortless ease and walk out of the dressing room feeling great — even if you decide to buy nothing.


The Ultimate Shopping Guide From Sexuality Stylist™.

This shopping guide was designed to help clients ease overwhelm and stress and shop for clothes in a way that’s empowering and exciting. Using this guide will help you know you’re attracted to, and find clothes that fit, while shopping in a functional, intentional way that lines up with your authentic personal style and makes the most of your budget.


1. Prepare For Your Shopping Experience: Research stores and products before you go shopping, know your color palette, finalize your shopping list, and tips for the day of.

2. Shop Your Personal Style with Clarity: Find your signature thing, create and follow your own outfit formula to use while shopping, and put it all together.

3. Know What You’re Really Attracted To: Use your style archetypes and astrology chart (Mars and Venus signs) to help you choose what you really like.

4. When To Buy And When To Keep Looking: How to consider style, function, quality, budget and your gut when you’re about to make a purchase.

5. Make The Most Out Of Your Budget.

6. Find Clothes That Fit Well.

7. Follow The Fitting Room Guide.

8. Only Buy What You Love.


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