The Fitting Room. 

What I Do

This is an in-person fitting, a personal style service where I shop for you to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. This service is two-part. For the first part, we meet to do a closet consultation, learn your budget for new clothes, and identify wardrobe needs. In the closet consultation, I take note of what you already have, so when I shop for you, I have those pieces in mind when choosing new pieces that will add to your wardrobe and go with what you already have. Next, you create a mood board and I use it to develop your style and filling gaps in your wardrobe. Then, I send you a final mood board for approval, go shopping, and bring the clothes to you. We do a fitting: ie: you try on the clothes I bought for you, keep what you love, and I return the rest! We stay on budget, update your wardrobe, and I leave you with a refreshed wardrobe that works for your lifestyle, budget and fits your body type as it is right now.

Who It’s For

You want new things in your wardrobe, but the last thing you want to do is go shopping. You don’t want to think about fashion. You want to focus on other things. You tend to focus most of your energy on your career, but then end up feeling like you’ve been wearing the same things over and over and your clothes don’t make you feel good anymore.

Why It’s Special

I’m a certified personal stylist and menswear stylist with a holistic health coaching background in sexuality and relationships. You get the benefits of both professions when we work together. The Fitting Room service is a simple fitting, where I buy pieces for you to meet your style goals, present the items to you, and you get a great wardrobe update that sets you up for success without ever having to go to the mall.

How It Works

We schedule a consultation, and set your shopping budget. You choose from 3 shopping budget levels* to decide how much you want to spend on clothing and pay that amount up front with The Fitting Room service fee. We do the closet consultation. I shop, and schedule a date/time for the fitting. During the fitting, I take photos of the outfits that you love and send them to you so you know how to put the things you got together when you wear them in the future. I’ll bag up your new items and you leave feeling like you just shopped at Nordstrom. I return the items you didn’t want to purchase to the stores within 24 hours.

*Note: Client sets their shopping budget. At the end of your fitting before you leave with the clothes, we calculate everything you want to keep and figure out if there is a balanced owed or balance I need to reimburse you for. For example, if you paid up front for a $2,000.00 shopping budget and only spent $1,000.00 of merchandise, then you will be reimbursed $1,000.00, which will be sent via PayPal. Clients do not leave the fitting with clothing until the bill is settled. For example, the Stylist has sent the Client the reimbursement, or the Client pays the Stylist any overage owed if the Client spent more than their upfront shopping budget allotted for. For example, if the Client set a shopping budget at $1,500.00 paid up front, and wants to keep an additional $500.00 in merchandise, making the total $2,000.00, then the Client must pay the Stylist at the fitting before they leave with the clothing. The Client is responsible for all online shipping fees, tax, and any credit card processing fees. Further detail is outlined in the Client/Stylist contract.

What To Do Next:

Click here to submit your application to work together. I’ll contact you within 24-48 hours of submission once I’ve reviewed your application.

COST: $595.00

The Dream Wardrobe.

What I Do

Edith Head said, “You can have anything you want in life, if you’re willing to dress for it.” In this virtual styling service, I help you create a minimalist, versatile and sexy wardrobe that makes a bajillion outfits out of 20 total pieces, specifically designed for anyone who wants to spice up their love life. We work together over the course of 3 months on Zoom to discover your personal style, and build your dream wardrobe that brings your life more into balance. We meet for 6 total sessions consisting of three, 90-minute deep dive session each month, and three 30-minute check-in sessions throughout the three months of the program.

Who It’s For

For people who feel like they don’t know how to dress their body type in the right way. This is for you if you’re unhappy with your underwear drawer, and you’re wearing old t-shirts to bed. Whether male or female, everyone’s got dreams and this package sets the foundation so you can be dressed and ready for anything. If you’re not feeling sexy underneath your clothes chances are you’re not feeling sexy in them. Let’s work on that.

Why It’s Special

#sexualitystylist in the making.

This is an opportunity to have a certified personal stylist with a relationship coaching background working with you to create your dream wardrobe and live your dream life. I’m all about dressing sexy every single day in one way or another, and can show you how to let your sexuality shine from subtle to significant. When I started doing this work, I noticed a direct correlation between people who wanted to see a change in their romantic relationships, also needed a change in their wardrobe. 

How It Works

This is a virtual 3-month style program. We meet for 90-minute style sessions every month over the course of three months with a 30-minute check-in session in between. I’ll work with you to uncover your personal style, build your wardrobe, and learn how to shop the brands that work for you. At the end of the program, I’ll leave you with a minimalist, versatile wardrobe that makes a bajillion outfits out of 20 pieces, and knowing how to dress right for your body type so you can go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

What To Do Next:

Please click here to schedule a consultation.

COST: $995.00

The Made-to-Measure Program. 

This is a deeply personal, and highly selective 6-month, style therapy program specifically tailored to the clients wardrobe and personal goals. The program takes place online and in-person, based on location.

This program is for you if; you’ve found yourself wearing clothes that don’t fit, and also dating people that aren’t quite the right fit, either. If you’re wearing athleisure wear in your spare time, it could be time to stop getting dressed on auto-pilot, and update your wardrobe for the life you’ve always wanted. This is where an individualized program you get a certified personal stylist and holistic health coach all-in-one to design you a clear path to meet your goals and update your wardrobe.

What To Do Next:
Apply for the 6-month program.
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