Never wonder what long-term looks like again. Even if you’ve compromised your values in past relationships.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what clothes look best on your body, and you’ve gained useful knowledge, so you can take your relationships to the 3, 6, 9, and 12-month mark with a clear path and a relationship blueprint that works?

“I’d look in the mirror and go: who’d want to f*ck that guy? No one. That’s pretty much what it was like.”

Private Client, before The Bespoke Suit program

Look, I’m not gonna sugar coat it. No good woman will get into a long-term relationship with a man she can’t respect. If you don’t know what long-term looks like and you’re unhappy with your look, it’s time to get to work. Stop wearing clothes that look terrible and sloppy in clothes that bubble and bulge in all the wrong places. Who finds that sexy?

Hint: not your dream woman.

I want you to think about what would happen in your love life if you looked better and felt respected in your relationships because you knew how to take the lead at every stage.

Is The Bespoke Suit Right For You?

At Sexuality Stylist, we have a 6-month mens hybrid program that’s highly individualized to improve your style and relationships called The Bespoke Suit. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Understand and evaluate your relationships, so you have clarity and know what the relationship is, what it’s not, and how to proceed.
  2. Proper fit and wardrobe maintenance, so you know how clothes should fit your body and how to arrange, add to, and retire your wardrobe.
  3. What long term looks like, so you don’t get together and then go, now what? Because you know how to practically run a relationship, and what happens next.
  4. Design your ideal relationship blueprint, so you have information and knowledge about when to have that conversation about commitment, and a clear plan to structure your relationship at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month mark.
  5. Identify your wardrobe gaps and eleviate dressing pains, so you don’t have the worst time finding things like mens dress shoes, and you know how clothes should fit your body.
  6. Develop and improve your general look, so you’re not buying a bunch of shit and hoping it works out, wearing a lot of loose fitting clothes, or buying a whole bunch of dress pants and shirts that’s not realistic to your lifestyle.

Want in? Submit your intake form to join The Bespoke Suit program.

This Client Said:

“Before working with Sexuality Stylist, there were a lot of ways I wouldn’t wear things. Now, I vary what I wear and how I wear it. I chose Sexuality Stylist because I really trusted you, and felt like you had my best interest at heart. The wardrobe package built me up and it empowered me to do a lot of stuff on my own, instead of being berating, like why are you wearing this, what the fuck are you doing. That was fantastic. I just feel better now. I get hit on a lot. I flirt more, when before I wouldn’t have had the confidence to. I’m more stable, positive, and driven. When I’m down, having the extra crutch to looking good helps me feel better. When I dress better, I’m used to feeling better consistently.”

“You’re very connected and interested in your client. You’re passionate, you look at them from many angles. It feels so personal. I’ve had coaching, very high level coaching at that. But my coach often forgot what we went over, key details, etc. You’re far more attentive and personally invested in your client.”

When asked to share 3 tangible ways his life has changed after working on his wardrobe with Sexuality Stylist, he said:

“Result 1: I’ve met my goal of being able to shop confidently for clothes. I no longer will buy an item that is just “Good enough.” I’ve expanded my color/design pallet, and have learned how to broaden style possibilities with just a single piece in order to express a variety of different feelings.

Result 2: What I’ve been wearing has changed. I even wear my old clothes better, in a way that feels natural and beneficial. My newer clothing has received a few compliments in just the last couple of days since purchase and it opened up conversations from a server who wanted to know more about me.

Result 3: I know how to layer an outfit to tell a story of varying depths of character. I’ve found how I would hide behind certain outfits to avoid emotions, and how what I wore was intended to project feelings that I felt were lacking in myself. I’ve stretched my comfort zone, style, color pallet, and have become a more aware person through this process.”

“It’s like ordering the same dish at two different restaurants, One can be very displeasing, while the other can be a highlight of your life. If you didn’t benefit from the previous program, it could have been the dynamic with your previous coach. Perhaps there was a disconnect. Perhaps the timing was off. There are many factors. But if you are serious about improving your relationship (or starting one) this is a solid program, with deep caring support, that provides a lot of actionable steps to improve through.”

“I have improved all less developed areas of my life. I have a practical understanding of dating, relationships, the masculine/feminine dynamic, how to communicate, and how to structure your life. I am building a life and a way of being that a high caliber woman would actually want to be part of.”

“The practical guidance was a many game changer for me. I now have more confidence to approach the situations with.”

“Before working with Sexuality Stylist, I had less clarity on how to improve myself particular as a man, and I had little idea of how to make a relationship work at a practical level.”

“First of all, I’ve met all of my goals. I’ve learned how to shop, how to put outfits together so that I not only look/feel good, but express what I want. I’ve learned how to layer an outfit to express different things. Sexuality Stylist showed me how I can take one outfit and wear it in a multitude of different ways. I’m feeling much better. In the process I’ve found that I was holding on to many hold style beliefs/patterns from childhood. I enjoy getting dressed, knowing that whatever I wear, I will look and feel much better than before. I’ve found naturally that I am adopting new styles that I didn’t feel comfortable with at the beginning of the process, that I love.”

“I was feeling unsure about fashion. I just wore very similar things every day like Bart Simpson. I felt like I had no idea of how to shop because every time I did it wasn’t practical or I didn’t like how it looked/fit. I didn’t feel confident in what I wore, outside of a few outfits. I felt like I wasn’t expressing as much of myself as I wanted to express.”

“My favorite part of working with Sexuality Stylist was the deep understanding and compassion that I was shown, and the simple, practical way I was taken through my fashion ineptness into having my own style.”

“This service is vastly more in depth and personal. There are no rules to follow, no trends, or in-season concerns. You’re working on discovering what is authentically you, and the discovery process is the bread and butter. I too have worked with stylists, and have been turned off by the suggestions. But this process was entirely different. I found my own style.”

“The depth of caring, the homework you do to answer questions, the detail and personal attention. I felt really special going through this process, guided and supported along the way. You’ve helped me let more of myself come out using clothing as a medium, to a degree that I never even considered as something to be able to progress towards.”

“I’m extremely happy with this service. I went from fashion inept to having my own style. All of my goals; building a versatile minimalist wardrobe, learning how to shop, how to put outfits together for any occasion, how to layer an outfit to tell a story were all met. The depth of love and caring that you showed was really therapeutic. You’ve added many personal touches to the process that made it very warm and pleasant. You are extremely understanding, considering the challenges that I’ve had during the process, and you’ve met them above all with a feeling of wanting us to both feel honored and in a good place emotionally. This process far exceeded my expectations. My only regret is that the process is over because I had a wonderful time. I cannot suggest your services enough. I am so happy that I ran into you at a cafe those months ago. You embody your work.”

What To Do Next:

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