10 Things To Know About A Woman’s Heart.

February 10, 2021

Once upon a time in Los Angeles, I came across a writer who truly captured a woman’s heart in ten, pin-pointed sentiments. I’d like to share them with you below. A couple months ago, we had a conversation about the gray area of sexual consent. Then, we talked about how to stop settling for clothes and relationships that don’t fit. Now, we’re ready to do the heavy, internal lifting.

A woman’s heart is a masterpiece. And I’m not saying this because I’m a woman. Simply put, generations have wasted precious time battling femininity that’s not meant to be grasped, but embraced. True gentlemen are rare, but not scarce. Just like in nature, the men who thrive are the ones who intellectually and spiritually apply primal instinct, unshakeable courage, and human discipline in the right moments. He understands the patience and investment it takes to court a great woman. Because he knows the difference between once in a while, and once in a lifetime.

The man that truly knows how to cherish a woman’s heart is a rare, God-given gift to all women; not just the woman he’s attracted to.

A woman’s heart needs to feel a full-bodied yes, deep down in her bones before she feels safe to follow his lead. If she’s pushed before she’s truly ready he runs the risk of losing her. Because he’s then showed her he’s not mature enough yet to handle her with respect. History has taught her that most men put their own selfish agendas before her true feelings. Society’s trained her that she has to protect herself physically, mentally, and emotionally from these men. Before she can fully let go and trust; she’s gotta make sure you can handle her full wing span. Not everyone wants a grand romantic adventure. But, if you don’t want the status quo relationship; this blog post is for you.

A Great Woman Is Strong, But She Still Needs You.

I once sat across a male client in my office who was in a stereotypical power struggle with the woman he was dating. He shared his story with me, and I gave him solid relationship advice that worked out well for him. Before the session ended; I explained how the power struggle is pointless. A man will never be more powerful than a woman. He took it in, resisted, and made the wise choice to open up his heart and listen. I expressed how women have divine intuition that will always be unmatched, uncontrolled and unexplained. And the sooner he comes to terms with that, and appreciates her divine femininity, the sooner he’ll experience the love of a lifetime. She will challenge him at a moments notice, in the toughest of times, where discipline of the mind is crucial to receive the grand love of a woman’s heart. His work, then becomes knowing how to lead a smart, strong, independent-because-she-had-to-be kinda woman into safe surrender.

You can’t tame a mustang spirit. Don’t even try. But, you can work on becoming the man that knows how to cherish a woman’s heart, put her feelings first, and weather the storm beside her. Don’t be mistaken: she deeply needs you. Your integrity, your protection, your masculinity is needed. It’s that divine masculine power that penetrates her mind, body, and soul and empowers her to feel safe to love in this world. The divine masculine is powerful, but only when it honors the divine feminine and her innate ability to pierce a man’s heart in ten words or less. If you’re ready to accept that and do the work; read on.

10 Things To Know About A Woman’s Heart By Graham R. White.

There you have it! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone celebrating out there. Tell me, have you read Graham R. White before? Come across something similar? I also like Devon Franklin’s book, The Truth About Men. What work have you turned to to do the heavy lifting when it comes to romantic relationships? Please share your resources in the comments below so we can all learn from each other.

What To Do Next.

If you’re reading this for the first time, save this blog post, and open it up again in a few days and reread it. You might have to come back to it more than once. Don’t bite more off than you can chew, but pick a few points and work on them. Watch this TedTalk and start with this masculinity challenge: Are You Man Enough? for extra inspiration. Create an action plan. How are you going to show up and do the work? How are you going to get from where you are now to where you want to be? And last but not least, ask yourself:

“Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? To reach out to another man when you need help? To dive head first into your shame? Are you strong enough to be sensitive? To cry whether you’re hurting or happy even if it makes you look weak? Are you confident enough to listen to the women in your life to hear their ideas and their solutions to hold their anguish and actually believe them, even if what they’re saying is against you? And will you be man enough to stand up to other men when you hear locker room talk, when you hear stories of sexual harassment, when you hear your boys talking about grabbing ass or getting her drunk, will you actually stand up and do something, so one day we don’t have to live in a world when a woman has to risk everything and come forward to say the words me, too.?” – Justin Baldoni

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