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Be honest. No one’s grading you. How many times have you settled for sloppy clothes, and tried making a relationship work that didn’t really fit?

Visualize this: how you dress is how you date. If you’re wearing the same, loose fitting clothes and buying a bunch of shit hoping it works out, but it’s not realistic to your lifestyle— how can you start a relationship built on respect? 


I’m a certified menswear stylist and former relationship coach working with private clients in a hybrid style and relationship program called The Bespoke Suit. where you maintain your wardrobe and understand and evaluate your long-term relationships.


You want to maintain your wardrobe; arrange it, add to it, and retire it. You have compromised on your values out of fear of totally losing your woman in past relationships. You want information and knowledge on what long-term looks like, how to evaluate and understand relationships, when to have that conversation, and what happens next now that you’re together.


This is your chance to have a personal stylist certified in menswear with a background in relationship coaching guide you through the practical process of how to run a relationship, and tailor your wardrobe to get respect. After two years of relationship coaching and working in retail, I wanted to create a hybrid program that combined in-depth, personalized coaching and regular wardrobe maintenance for men who weren’t getting the respect they craved in their romantic relationships. 


We book a consultation, schedule your sessions, set your budget, and review the program. We meet once a month for six months with two, check-in sessions every other week and regular wardrobe maintenance throughout the program via Zoom.

On the day of your scheduled session, you get information and knowledge and practical exercises to work through to better understand and evaluate your romantic relationships. Meanwhile, I do all the shopping for your wardrobe, ship it all to you for a fitting, and return whatever you don’t want while you spend your time in other things. I’ll be with you over six months to make sure your relationship runs smoothly, and leave you with a wardrobe that gets you respect in romance over the long term.


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