Sexuality Stylist shows the fashion fatigued how to stop settling for the dress they don’t love. Stop wearing the dress that doesn’t really fit or make you feel good. You don’t love it, but you wear it anyway, fidget and loathe it the whole time. It’s time to change your dressing habits, and reset your relationship with fashion.

I love working with women who dread the dressing room. My favorite moment is the first look in the mirror that a woman has when she sees herself in a dress she didn’t think she could wear, that she didn’t think was made for her, but instantly recognizes herself in the mirror. The perfect dress has the power to introduce you to yourself. And that’s what Sexuality Stylist is all about. I’m dressing you for life’s most intimate moments and romantic occasions. But, I’m also transforming your shopping experience, the way you feel in the dressing room, and your relationship with fashion. Before I was a certified personal stylist; I was a certified holistic health coach learning how to care for the whole person. This is a holistic job. And so often, our hang ups, insecurities and the way we feel about our bodies come into the dressing room with us.

The dressing room is an intimate space. It’s a delicate experience. And I love being there for those special moments when a woman finds the perfect evening dress for an important occasion in her life, whether it be the first time she’s going on a romantic getaway with her new boyfriend, or she’s meeting her man’s family for the first time as a plus-one at his good friend’s wedding, shopping for her honeymoon, choosing a dress for a bridal shower, anniversary dinner, or going to an elegant holiday party. I love to be the one who handles the dressing details for those special moments.

Sexuality Stylist is designed for the fashion fatigued woman. Who doesn’t want her mom to be her stylist and personal shopper anymore. Who doesn’t need mom to buy her new bras and underwear because she knows you need them, but rarely buy them for yourself. Most of the time, we want mom because she’s the one that we feel safe with for those vulnerable and intimate moments in the dressing room. She gets how frustrating it can be for fashion to constantly make you feel like your body is wrong. She knows you get overwhelmed, and she knows your body hangups and insecurities so you don’t have to share those with the retail salesperson in the fitting room. But, what if you could change your dressing room experience? What if you don’t have to look a certain way to wear pretty clothes? Let me worry about the details of finding the perfect dress for your most intimate moments and important special occasions, so you can just be in the moment. Let’s not look back on any more photos from special events where you hated the dress you were wearing, and that becomes all that you can think about. A dress has the power to to create a painful, uncomfortable memory you’re trying to forget, or, it can define a moment where you captivated the room feeling beautiful because you’re in a dress that was made just for you. Let’s change your dressing room experience, shall we?