From a young age, I learned how to work with limited resources and creatively put outfits together using what I had. When I was a little girl, my version of getting new clothes was sifting through hefty bags of hand-me-downs. My mom would bring them in, set them down in the center of the bedroom floor, and my sister and I would rummage through and select our new clothes. I remember getting this Guess t-shirt that was two sizes too big, but so 80s with my acid black jeans, and white leather high top sneakers. I felt like a million bucks when I put on that outfit.

Fashion transformed how I felt in my clothes. 

I got my first job at a hotel working as a breakfast attendant in the winter months, and a housekeeper in the summer. There was this guy named Timmy who called me a transformer every time I’d change from my uniform into my street clothes. I think that was the moment that Sexuality Stylist truly was born.

Before I knew it, I was dressing my own Marilyn Monroe style archetype. Transforming from a housekeeper, hostess, or a desk clerk in uniform into a beautiful young woman in touch with her femininity. Much like a character on a movie set. To this day, I love using style archetypes to help women, who feel like you gotta look a certain way, step into their own Marilyn Monroe, and discover their true personal style.

Sexuality Stylist was founded in 2016 as an online space that helps women own their sexuality through their personal style. Before I was a certified personal stylist; I was a certified holistic health coach specializing in romantic relationships. I worked with clients in-person, and virtually from New York to Los Angeles, and realized there’s a direct correlation between the quality of people’s romantic relationships, and how they’re dressed. Sexuality Stylist is for women who feel like you gotta look a certain way to wear pretty clothes. Any woman can dress their Marilyn Monroe in her own authentic way, and I’m the costume designer for the job.

Professional inquiries: stacy@sexualitystylist.com

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