Mens Guide For Buying The Right Bra Size For Your Leading Lady.

May 17, 2021

There was a store in NYC called Intimacy (the lingerie boutique that is now Rigby and Peller), and the first time I walked in the saleswoman took one look at me, and told me my size. I looked at her in amazement, like how do you know that? I tried on the bras she brought me in that size, and they fit like a glove. It changed my whole outlook on bra shopping. Some great brands include: Simone Perel, SavageXFenty, Chantelle, Natori and online blogs like Anja Lust and The Lingerie Addict. Click here to shop Black-owned lingerie brands.

“A huge percentage of women are actually walking around in the wrong size bra–and every time they go shopping for years on end, they just keep right on buying that same wrong size. To make sure you don’t purchase the same wrong size; follow the bra sizing guide in this post. When it comes to buying lingerie for your leading lady; there’s some things you need to know. First up: the right bra size.

Your Response If She Says: Why Wear Pretty Bras & Underwear, Anyway?

You can tell her Betty Halbreich says, “how you feel in your bra and underwear sets the tone for your entire day.” Undergarments are important. They delicately dress the most intimate parts of her body. Put it this way: she won’t be out in the world feeling like Olivia Pope if she’s wearing ill-fitted bras and underwear all day. Never compromise function for style. If she’s uncomfortable in it; she won’t wear it. Thirdlove says, “the best bra is the one you never think about.” Thirdlove makes functional look pretty. Her favorite bra is the one that fits and makes her feel like herself. Don’t just buy it because it looks pretty under her clothes.

Betty Halbreich’s 3-Step Formula To Finding The Right Bra Size.

In the book, Secrets Of A Fashion Therapist by Betty Halbreich she wrote out an easy, at-home 3-step formula to finding the right bra size. Seriously, when I read this I jumped out of my chair and immediately measured myself. Betty’s formula is spot on with the bra size I got from my Intimacy bra stylist years ago. Grab a measuring tape, and follow the formula below.

Hint: don’t do this right around Christmas or her birthday. Make it a surprise and take her measurements randomly– you can even say this article made you do it. Because a gentleman always knows his leading lady’s size for all garments because he shops with precision.

  1. Take the measurement, in inches, of your rib cage, just under her breasts. If that number is odd, add five; if its even, add four. That number is her bra size.
  2. Take the measurement in inches, around her bustline for her fullest point. Note: she shouldn’t be wearing a sports bra for this. You won’t be able to get her fullest measurement because a sports bra compresses her breasts. You can measure naked, or in a barely-there bralette.
  3. If the difference between the first measurement and the second is fiver inches, she’s an A cup. If it’s six, she’s a B. A seven-inch difference means she’s a C cup. And eight inches means she needs a D cup, and so on.

There you have it. Now you can shop confidently for your leading lady. Betty Halbreich, director of Solutions at Bergdorf Goodman, says, “so many of us give little thought to our underwear, but the right bra really is a necessity before you buy clothes.” If you’re taking her in-person, she recommends wearing a tight-fitted sweater, or t-shirt when trying on bras. That way you’ll get an idea of how they really look. You can bring more than one, too. Bring something silky, clingy, and sheer to try on with it.

What To Do Next.

Now it’s time to go shopping. Hit up boutiques, department stores, and brick and morter shops to see what brands fit her best. If you’re not sure where to begin, and want to brush up on the types of bras out there are which ones she wears for what, read this blog post first. If you’re up for a challenge, and want a deep dive into the lingerie world, visit lingerie expert Cora Harrington: The Lingerie Addict — the world’s largest lingerie and intimate apparel blog where you’ll find something for every one.

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