5-Step Holistic Beauty Regimen For Radiant Skin From Within.

holistic beauty regimen

Every woman in the world wants to feel beautiful from the inside out. A healthy body, great hair and style, radiant skin, and a youthful spirit all make a woman glow from within. We all want the kind of beauty that made Old Hollywood actresses captivate the big screen. A a wise woman knows that to get it means you gotta treat your skin right. Marilyn Monroe said, “a woman has to feel attractive to be attractive.” So, how do we do that? By creating a daily beauty routine from the inside out.

Your beauty regimen must be one that deeply cares for your skin on the inside as well as the outside. One is not complete without the other. An outer skin care routine without inner support lacks substance. An inner beauty regimen without topical treatment lacks follow through. There are 5 steps you can take to customize your own skin care ritual that will bring you beauty for years to come.

Know Your Skin And Keep Your Beauty Routine Simple.

You’re gonna need a few things in your beauty repertoire to do this effectively. I always felt that the beauty industry sometimes overcomplicates daily skin care. It’s hard sometimes to decipher what’s best for your skin when you feel pulled in a million different directions with a million product recommendations. The first step to clarity is knowing your skin type.

Pay attention to what your skin does when you leave it alone. Does it get tight and dry after cleansing? You might have dry, sensitive skin. Does your skin get shiny half way through the day? You might have oily skin. Do you tend to break out fairly easily, have red patches, age spots, etc.? You might start with these skin concerns. You know your face the best. Don’t use products you really don’t need. Keep things simple. It’s much easier to stick to a daily routine when you only have a few steps to follow.

Create Your 5-Step Beauty Regimen From The Inside Out.

Step 1: Remove your makeup. You can use organic coconut oil or an all in one cleanser like Purity from love philosophy from Sephora.

Step 2: Cleanse, tone and beautify your skin. Use your preferred cleanser best for your skin type. I like Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap you can easily find at Wegmans or Whole Foods as well as Honest Beauty’s Gentle Gel Cleanser which really gets my face clean. I double cleanse because I usually wear a full face of makeup, but check this blog post for more affordable skin care products from Target.

Step 3: Weekly facial steam and face mask. Do this 1-2 times per week to help exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. I love this Purifying DIY Clay Mask for my oily, acne-prone skin. Using a facial steam and face mask immediately after the shower is best as your skin is clean and pores are more open. Bonus: Use a daily night cream to deep treat your skin.

Step 4: Use Inner Beauty Products. This is where you inner skin care game comes in. I rotate between taking The Beauty Chef’s inner beauty powders Cleanse and Glow. I wrote a post about how they worked for me here. Consistency is key. I’m also a huge fan of taking Organic Burst’s superfood capsules to support my health. Turmeric, maca, wheatgrass, cinnamon, and açaí do wonders for your skin. The brand’s integrity and sourcing is impeccable and your purchase supports indigenous workers all over the globe.

Step 5: Prayer and meditation. The secret to having a youthful glow is having a youthful spirit. This is where a daily spiritual practice comes in. I love reciting this sexuality prayer from Marianne Williamson, which I shared in my guest blog on The Ladies Coach. I like to follow the prayer with one of my favorite, goddess meditations from Melissa Forde and Nina Grae. Listen to the magic below.

Goddess Meditation by Melissa Forde with Nina Grae.

Meet The Godfather Of Personalized Beauty Prescriptions.

I’m old school. I like to get my style advice from OG’s like Edith Head and Betty Halbreich. And I love Dr. Erno Lazlo for skin care. Erno Lazlo was the Godfather of personalized beauty prescriptions and skin care consultant to Old Hollywood’s beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Anna May Wong, Dorothy Dandridge, Greta Garbo, and Jackie Kennedy to name a few. What’s good enough for them is good enough for me.

See Marilyn Monroe’s Actual Prescription Skin-Care Routine From 1959.

Dr. Erno Lazlo recommends a 3-step beauty regimen: cleansing, toning and beautifying. I suggest 2 more steps for inner beauty support. Dr. Lazlo helps you find your skin care regimen in 3 steps: know your skin, know your concern, and know your ritual. On his website, you can find personalized skin care solutions here. I recently purchased their Normalizer Shake-It Tinted Treatment for a “no makeup look” on the days when I don’t want to wear a full face. It also doubles as a great primer.

Beautiful skin requires commitment. Not a miracle. – Erno Lazlo

What To Do Next.

Beauty and style go hand in hand. You can look great in a polished and put together costume, but the look won’t be complete without beautiful hair and makeup. The key to a great makeup look is having great skin as the base. Try creating your own beauty regimen using the steps outlined above and let me know how it goes in the comments below. Click here to get notified when posts like this are published. See you on the flip side!

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