How The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder Worked For Me.

I don’t know a single woman in the world who doesn’t want glowing skin. While the beauty industry has been focused on anti-aging creams and topical products, along comes Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef, who created her own lane when she invented Glow Inner Beauty Powder to get glowing skin from the inside out. Their beauty powders are organic, superfoods for your skin, because glowing skin truly comes from within and starts with your gut health. Naturally, as someone who styles clients from the inside out, The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder has been on my radar for years. It was time to see if Glow Inner Beauty Powder, would work for me. Timing is everything, and I’ve been working on my daily beauty regimen. My makeup routine is my outer beauty regimen (aka putting on my #FentyFace), but I also wanted an inner beauty regimen to truly have beautiful, glowing skin from the inside out.

And just like that, the universe led me to the super chic doors of Inner Outer Beauty Market located on North 6th Street in downtown Allentown. I immediately fell in love with store’s aesthetic as soon as I walked in. With their elevated mission of beauty from the inside out, bringing toxic-free skin care products to the people, I knew I wanted to purchase my skin care products from this store and support this local business. I love shopping at places that align with my values. Here I was, wanting to implement a beauty regimen from the inside out, and found myself literally standing in a store called Inner Outer Beauty Market. But what makes me wanna hand over my hard earned cash to this local business, is not just the beautiful space and the aligned values, it’s also the person behind the business, Inner Outer Beauty Market founder Dixie Lincoln-Nichols, who truly cares about every single transaction you make in her store and wants you to find the best skin care products for you. She is incredibly knowledgable about all of the products, and example of a woman who truly walks her talk. She uses the products she sells and recommends in her own skin care routine, and has beautiful, glowing skin. Plus, you know I love to support female business owners. Dixie truly is a pioneer bringing clean beauty and toxic-free beauty products to the forefront in downtown Allentown. Shopping at Inner Outer Beauty Market is like having a personalized skin consultation, where you have a personal, informative conversation about your individual skin care needs, and walk out with the exact product that you need. I left with Glow Inner Beauty Powder from The Beauty Chef in tow.

Who Is Glow Inner Beauty Powder For:

I wanted to try Glow Inner Beauty Powder because I read how many women were suffering from adult acne, bloating, uneven skin tone, and didn’t feel comfortable going out in public without makeup. And that resonated with me. As much as I love doing my makeup everyday, I wanted that feeling of being able to step out of the house to run errands without needing to put makeup on. Also, makeup looks much better on clear, radiant skin. I want to wear makeup because I want to wear it, not because I need to wear it.

Here’s a couple reviews on Glow from The Beauty Chef’s website. You can read more here.

“Glowing! I have been using the GLOW inner beauty powder for a few months now and have noticed such a difference within just a few weeks. I have suffered from digestive problems for some time and the GLOW powder really does help. Whilst my skin is so much clearer and brighter. I’ve even noticed that my eczema is clearing up! I couldn’t recommend this enough!” – Tessa G

“Life changing! I have experienced moderate eczema and suffer from heartburn (from lactose intolerance which I only found out about 2 years ago!) for almost 25 years of my life. I often get redness on my cheeks due to inflammation as well. I had been taking GLOW + Collagen since the beginning of this year. It was for my wedding prep but it totally changed my life! My friends have been commenting on how great my complexion is. I’m now more comfortable on days without makeup on and occasionally indulge in cheese without getting a dramatic reaction. Highly recommended!!!!” – Maggie M.

5 Main Benefits Of Using Glow (from The Beauty Chef’s website):

  1. It launched the inner beauty industry. GLOW™ was created by Founder & Director of The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates, in 2012 and was the world’s first inner beauty powder to support gut health and skin rejuvenation.
  2. GLOW™ supports healthy nails, skin and hair. Containing an abundance of bio-fermented superfoods, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, as well as zinc and vitamin C – GLOW™ assists with collagen production, and supports healthy hair, healthy skin and nails.
  3. It feeds your microbiome. With prebiotic-rich ingredients to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut – our exclusive bio-fermentation process, Flora Culture™, also supercharges the ingredients in GLOW™, creating bioavailable nutrition and a broad-spectrum probiotic.
  4. It’s organic and natural. All the ingredients in our GLOW Inner Beauty Powder™ come from Certified Organic or biodynamic wholefood sources – for the purest, most delicious berry blend! It’s like organic skincare for your belly.
  5. GLOW™ is the foundation of your Inner Beauty Routine™. If you’re new to inner beauty, The Beauty Chef’s GLOW Inner Beauty Powder™ is the perfect way to cultivate an Inner Beauty Routine™. Simply enjoy 1 teaspoon of GLOW™ stirred through filtered water each day.

Glow Inner Beauty Powder Product Details:

Cost: $70 USD

Where To Buy: I like to shop local and support small business owners when I can, so I try to get my products from Black-owned, multi-cultural all natural marketplaces like, Inner Outer Beauty Market in downtown Allentown: https://iobeautymarket.com/

Product Guarantee: “Our award-winning ‘GLOW™’ is a bio-fermented formula designed to support gut health, collagen synthesis and beautiful skin, hair and nails from the inside out*. In a clinical trial, women observed GLOW™ enhanced their skin luminosity, clarity, hydration and texture.” – The Beauty Chef

When You’ll See Results: 2 weeks – several months. Results are individual.

Pros and Cons: I’ll list the pros first. Glow is pretty easy to ingest. You can put 1 tsp in filtered water or your favorite beverage everyday. I added GLOW to my daily coffee until I learned that it can’t be consumed in the hot beverages because of the live cultures. So I switched it up and put a teaspoon in my daily smoothie. The Beauty Chef says you can also take it in water, mix it in yoghurt, or sprinkle on your breakfast or mix it into your favorite healthy dessert. For me, it was more sustainable to take it in the morning in my smoothie when I was done with my makeup. I wanted to feel like I was executing my inner and outer beauty routine at the same time. So the con is having to get creative with how you’re going to take it if you don’t want a smoothie, because it is red and has a berry flavor. If you’re someone who eats yogurt and oatmeal every morning than this will work beautifully. I’m someone that often does a hearty breakfast in the winter and just a coffee and green juice in the morning during the spring and summer months. I tried it in water, but didn’t like it because it wasn’t blended enough and a lot of the powder floated to the bottom because I mixed it quickly on the go. If you take the time to find a smoothie recipe on The Beauty Chef’s website, and drink that every day then consuming the product is seamless. The con is I felt like I had to up my breakfast game and put extra thought into how to consume it if I didn’t want to make a smoothie. Because I don’t want to taste the powder, or take it at night. But that’s just me.

The Beauty Chef does have incredible recipes on their website, which makes it super easy and helpful to find a smoothie recipe to easily enjoy Glow. I loved this recipe, Get Glowing Smoothie Bowl, except I made it into smoothie beverage because I’m usually drinking breakfast on the go. There are a ton more recipes for more inspiration here: The Beauty Chef’s Recipes. Glow can also be mixed with any other Beauty Chef product, which is good to know when I add their Antioxidant product into my inner beauty routine!

Why The Product Is Beneficial:

I love buying my beauty products from Inner Outer Beauty Market because I get to talk to someone about the product. Dixie Nichols is the owner of the store, and she is an incredible wealth of knowledge of all the products she carries.

When talking to her about my experience with Glow, I learned even more about skin care.

I told her how I put Glow into my coffee for the first week — but putting it into a hot beverage doesn’t work because it kills the bacteria. So don’t do this! I probably lost about 2-3 weeks where the product could have been working for me, but was most likely not working to my benefit because I was killing the ingredients by putting it in my coffee because I did not know this. The Beauty Chef lists this on their website, but I didn’t read that part. D

After talking to Dixie about my personal experience with Glow, we had a very honest conversation about how your current health and the food you eat, directly affect the results of the product. So it’s good to note the following to see the most effective product results:

  • Consistency is key.
  • Giving a product 90 days to see if it’s going to work for your body chemistry. We’re biologically unique, and not everybody’s body processes ingredients in the same way.
  • Your current lifestyle is also going to determine how it works in your body, for example: if you’re taking alcohol then the products is going to be counter-active.
  • If you’re eating foods that are highly processed, the product will be counter active. (I’ll confess that I likely ate a cheesesteak or two during the intake process).
  • If you smoke or drink it’s likely not to work very well. (Don’t smoke, but love a girls night martini maybe once a week).
  • Having unhealthy habits makes the product counter active — having meals that are well balanced that have healthy amounts of fats and carbs and vegetables. Drinking water is important, and these are little things that people are doing that are often left out of a product review. (Confession: I do not drink half of my body weight in ounces of water, which is the general recommendation, so guilty here again, which also may cause the product not work as well as it could in a healthier climate).
  • “You have to give your body time — sometimes it can take 5 years to see results, or get things like cystic acne under control.” Smart woman.

Why I Love The Beauty Chef And Personally Recommend Their Products:

I have much respect for how paved their own lane for beauty products and skin care in a saturated market with a totally original business idea that focused on a daily beauty regime from within. much of the beauty industry emphasized outer beauty, contouring, makeup to cover up flaws and the list goes on. Glow Inner Beauty Powder is a product that you took internally then skin results on the outside with glowing skin.

I’d recommend GLOW and finding your own daily inner, outer beauty routine because:

What To Do Now: Keep Going Until You Find What Works For You.

If you’re thinking about designing your own inner beauty regimen, take The Beauty Chef’s Remedy quiz to find out which products they recommend for you, based on your skin type by clicking here. Then, once you have your personalized remedy, read up on the products they recommend and see if it feels right for you. My second suggestion; give your body time to absorb and process the product. We all want overnight results, but our bodies are brilliant long-term investments designed for sustainable success. This means, there’s likely an experimentation period where you’re finding what exact inner and outer beauty routine works specifically for you.

Overall, Glow Inner Beauty Powder didn’t change my skin in two weeks, or even a month during the time I was taking it. Like I said, I’m coming off of a winter season in my life where I wasn’t eating clean consistently, drinking water or taking care of myself like I usually do. But, I think investing in a product like Glow Inner Beauty Powder, and putting something so pure and good for you into your body, helped me eat healthier because it was counter active to eat fried foods and donuts when I was dedicating every morning to better inner beauty health.

Maybe a lot of the other women in the reviews were a lot healthier than I was at the time of consumption. We all go through our life cycles and seasons. But, after taking the remedy quiz, and learning all that I did, I do think I need the Cleanse product more for spring time to help my liver reset and to give my body a better fighting chance this time around. I’ll also pair it with Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost product to try and supercharge my results. And last but not least, I’ve been saying no to greasy foods and yes to yoga in the park, so my body should have a better fighting change. This makes me so sad what I put in my body when I’m upset or going through some shit. But, lesson learned. We always want what we want, but if we listen to our bodies, we will always get what we need. I took Glow to get glowing skin, but got a reality check as to what I was putting into my body instead. Now, I’m inspired to create an inner beauty regimen that works for me! I took The Beauty Chef’s Remedy Quiz, and it recommended Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder, Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost, and Sleep Inner Beauty Powder for me. I do have trouble sleeping, and feel like my skin needs a good cleanse from the inside out. I’ll be going back to Inner Outer Beauty Market for these products! Stay tuned for the next step in my skin care journey when I pair these products with clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. Beauty from the inside out really is a whole different ball game. It requires honesty, humility, and a commitment to treat your body with care. I’m so grateful for both of these businesses, and their commitment to beauty from the inside out and responsible, dedicated self-care. Thank you both for being bad-ass women in business, your message is reaching us, and helping recovering emotional eaters like me get back in the self-care game.

Stacy Hamm
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