I Hated Doing Laundry, Until I Found The Laundress.

I don’t think there’s a person out there who hated doing laundry more than me. I loathed it. For the longest time, I threw everything into one load on cold wash just get it done, so I could spend my time doing more important things. When I lived in Brooklyn, the wash & fold drop off laundry service was a dream, and in LA, laundry services like Rinse made life so easy, but I really couldn’t afford the hefty bills. Eventually, I realized my hate for laundry, particularly taking care of my delicates and dry cleaning items was costing me big time. I knew I had to learn how to do this myself. But, it wasn’t until I discovered The Laundress New York that laundry became fun, effortless, and something I looked forward to.

I remember going to lingerie shops, like Intimacy in NYC, for functional and fashionable bras and underwear, and dropping a couple hundred dollars on bras that looked good, and actually stayed in place (more on that in another post). The cashiers would always try to sell me things at check-out like their special laundry detergent and washing bags to wash my delicate items. I always felt like, I just dropped $300 in your store, and now you want me to buy what? I could never justify spending more money on things that didn’t seem necessary. In the past, I have followed the advice of people like my esthetician at the wax center, who told me I needed body wash, lotion, and their hair serum to keep my wax smooth in between visits, and that shit did not work. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll start to see a theme: I love functional fashion. Therefore, I’m always skeptical when people try to sell me the extras. There’s a difference between selling something to make money, and suggesting a product that really works and makes life easier. I’m an advocate for the latter.

The Laundress New York is a company founded by two female entrepreneurs and Manhattan moms that has not only made my life easier, but made me actually look forward to doing laundry. Imagine that. Their plant-based detergents are scented with essential oils and smell so good! Their also nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free. Their products do the work for you, so laundry doesn’t feel like such a chore. As an entrepreneur, I have an eye for well-made, functional products that make you more efficient. Plus, I’m in love with their oh-so-simply-chic design, and AMAZING website and blog that’s packed with helpful how-to tutorials that teach you how to do laundry the right way. Last but not least, The Laundress New York also has a super cute store in Soho New York, which I will be visiting in the near future.

I bought their Delicate Kit, and followed their simple step-by-step instructions on their site here to learn how to wash my lingerie properly. All I needed was the Delicate Wash, the wash & stain bar, delicate spray, and a washing basin to get the job done. I followed their instructions here, but I’m also gonna break it down for you below because it was so much fun!

 I Hated Doing Laundry, Until I Found This.

 I Hated Doing Laundry, Until I Found This.

I Hated Doing Laundry, Until I Found This. 

Step 1: Pretreat your delicates, in this case a bra, by taking the wash & stain bar and rubbing it on the straps, bands and underwire areas of your bra. (The wash & stain bar removes oil, dirt, grease, sunscreen, lotion, and makeup.)

Step 2: Fill washing basin with lukewarm water, and add 2 caps of the Delicate Wash and move your hand around in the basin to evenly distribute the soap. Put the bra into the washing basin, and submerge into the water, and soak for 30 minutes. 

Step 3: Rinse well until item is no longer soapy. As you’re rinsing, you can feel the soap in your hands and see it it rinse in the sink. Once you don’t feel the soapy residue on your hands and the sink isn’t soapy, you’re good. Do not wring your item! Just press the water out of it.

Step 4: Dry and Finish. Always air-dry your bras and lingerie. Hang it on a drying rack or grab a hanger and hang it up in your closet like the last photo above.

That’s it! Simply use the Delicate Spray (comes with the Delicate Kit) in-between washes to freshen and deodorize, and wallah! You’re good to go. Once your delicates dry, enjoy the lovely soft scent underneath your clothes. The Delicate Kit also comes with a mesh washing bag, so you can machine wash your lingerie on a delicate wash cycle if you don’t want to wash them by hand.

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Seriously, go to their website and check them out! The Laundress has everything you need for washing denim, delicates, wool & cashmere, and everyday laundry. They’ve also got this super cool Stain Solution Guide at the bottom of their page where you simply type in what type of stain you have on your clothing, what kind of fabric it is, and boom, they tell you how to fix it! There’s a reason why I never bought into those special detergents and mesh laundry bags at those other lingerie stores. I’ll admit, I didn’t want to deal with it at the time, but I also didn’t feel supported with the necessary information to properly care for my lingerie. The Laundress makes you feel like you want to do laundry — and I don’t say that lightly. They take the often dreaded task of laundry to a whole other level, and inspire you to have fun with it. Their blog, stain guide, efficient products and how-to’s all helped me tackle this household task that I’ve loathed for decades.

I invite you to try taking special care of your clothes at home, and see how it feels. It wasn’t until I ordered these products from The Laundress, tried them for myself, and followed the tutorial, that I actually felt like laundry wasn’t a drag. I’m a stylist by trade, so I recommend buying quality clothing over quantity, because you want your investments to go the long haul. Not just because you invested in it financially, but also because your clothing is an extension of yourself. It tells the story of you, so take care of the pages. Take the time to care for your delicate items and lingerie, then it’ll feel extra special and intimate when you wear it.

As a stylist, and former relationship coach, I’ve been working with people in the area of intimacy for a long time. One of my personal stylist services is helping clients get dressed for a date. In that program, I emphasize the significance of lingerie or whatever you’re wearing underneath. Because I believe that the first layer you wear is the most important. After your hair and makeup is done, or for men your hair and body care routine, your lingerie gives your outfit that something special underneath your clothes, like your own little secret. It makes you feel sexy, beautiful, and mysterious. Because no one knows what you’re wearing underneath. Despite, what society has told us, lingerie isn’t something we wear only for our sexual partners. It’s something you wear for yourself. For men, it can be a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs underneath his favorite pair of jeans that sit oh-so-perfectly on the hips. For women, it can be something lacey, silky and soft if she wants to feel more feminine, or black, simple and strappy if she wants to feel powerful. Whatever the style, your lingerie makes a statement, and it tells the story of who you are underneath your clothes. It can make you feel empowered for a date, and most importantly for yourself. Because when you really take care of your intimate pieces, it adds an extra feeling of elegance underneath your outfit. Try it and see for yourself.

To learn more about my personal stylist service, click here: Dressing For A Date Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. 

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