Love, Sex & Yoga Workshop

The Love, Sex & Yoga Workshop is a 3-part series about gaining respect and true power in sexuality and relationships. Each workshop is built upon the one before it to generate a specific outcome. The 2-hour workshop includes:

  • 55-minute all-levels vinyasa yoga flow
  • Love, sex & relationship interactive discussion
  • Confidential Q&A
  • Closing sexuality prayer/meditation

The Love, Sex & Yoga workshop will be available for digital purchase soon, and should be done over a 3-day weekend from the privacy of your own home. Do each class in consecutive order as they build on each other.

Get on the mat, work up a sweat, and talk sexuality and relationships with a certified holistic health coach and certified vinyasa yoga instructor. Submit the form below to request an in-person Love, Sex & Yoga Workshop at a local yoga studio near you.

Here’s the live event flyers from the very first, Love, Sex & Yoga workshop series that took place in Los Angeles, CA:

 Love Sex and Yoga Workshop  

 Love Sex and Yoga Workshop
Love Sex and Yoga Workshop

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Workshop 1: Learn Why Real Love Starts With You.

Beginning with a vinyasa flow that compliments the theme of the workshop, you’ll understand the general dynamics of good communication skills and how to apply them in your love life. You’ll gain clarity on how you were taught to love, and how that impacts your romantic relationships today. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can only meet someone at the level of intimacy that you’ve met yourself. Gain tips and tools on how to practically run a relationship, communicate better, and what you need. 

Workshop 2: Harness The Power Of Your Sexuality.

In yoga, the second, sacral chakra rules the house of sex, desires, relationships, and money. In this talk, we’re gonna focus on what you really want, and how sex and money play out in relationships. Stacy will cover the two power areas in relationships: sex and money and how to harness your real power in both areas.  We’ll show you how to bring spirituality and sexuality together to feel good and gain respect in the world, and in the bedroom. She’ll review male intuition and assertive decision making in the context of relationships, how to lead a woman to safe surrender, and we’ll dive deep into the inner workings of the male orgasm and sexuality so you can start having new sexual experiences and stop operating from past sexual patterns. 

Workshop 3: Architect Your Ideal Relationship.

In this workshop, we’ll begin with a vinyasa yoga flow that will get you connected to your heart. From this place of compassion, we’ll enter the world of romantic relationships, and you’ll gain practical knowledge on how to run a long-term, successful relationship. You will gain clarity on the masculine and feminine dynamics of relationships, which dominant relationship type you are, how to communicate, and handle conflicts in a healthy, powerful way. The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A and leave with a new relationship blueprint they can immediately implement into their lives to get the long-term commitment you really want.

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