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Reorganize Your Closet In These 12 Easy Steps.

Reorganizing your closet tends to be a dreaded task. Even I dread it at times, but having everything in a neat and organized manner makes dressing more fun and efficient. It saves you time, money and the daily stress of wearing whatever is in the front of your closet. When you’re getting dressed out of convenience, you’re not dressing for personal style. But your closet reorganization is going to change all of that in 12 easy steps. Quarantine has a way of creating time to tackle things that have been sitting on your to-do list forever. Set a few hours aside, put on some music, and follow this blog post to make your closet a place you actually enjoy going to every day.

Why Take The Time To Reorganize Your Closet?

Gone are my walk-in closet days when I had my 27 pairs of jeans neatly folded in a hanging organizer. I miss having my shoes on racks organized by style, and a color-coded closet that I loved walking into. Things are a little bit different these days in what I like to call my penthouse studio apartment. Smaller space makes closet reorganization more of a challenge, but much more essential. So why should you reorganize your closet? Why take the time? Why spend the money? I’m sure you could think of other things you’d like to do with both. Here’s three, good reasons why reorganizing your closet is something you should do every six months.

  1. How You Save Money: reorganizing your closet helps you save money in the long run. You won’t be shopping as frequently thinking you have nothing to wear because your closet will be neatly organized and you’ll know what you have at all times. Plus, you’ll only have in-season items that you actually wear in your closet so you’ll get more mileage out of your wardrobe and spending less money on things you don’t actually need.
  2. How You Save Time: Having a neat, organized closet saves you time every single day when you get dressed. You’ll have everything at the forefront of your closet, so you’ll be able to accessorize your belts, scarves, shoes, and bags with your clothes and jackets because it’ll all be neatly organized in a functional way that helps you get dressed more efficiently each morning.
  3. How You Stop Stress: A messy closet doesn’t feel good. It causes anxiety and stress even if you’re not paying attention to it. Your closet is something that you use every single day. Sometimes you change clothes more than once. Your closet should be a place that you enjoy going to, that works for you not against you. A good closet reorganization will make you feel better. You’ll spend more energy putting outfits together that you actually enjoy wearing. You spend less time feeling frustrated because you can’t find what you really want to wear.

Follow These Easy 12-Steps To Reorganize Your Closet.

If you’ve been following along with this blog series, you’re already familiar with Betty Halbreich’s wisdom flowing from her book, Secrets Of A Fashion Therapist: What You Can Learn Behind The Dressing Room Door. I know there’s a ton of closet reorganization tips out there, but when it comes to the basics, I like to stick to the classics. Few people know clothes better than Bergdorf Goodman’s Betty Halbreich. If you’ve had the opportunity to be dressed by her, you know what I’m talking about. In chapter 8 of her book, she gives you an owners manual for clothes. It’s such a delight to read, so I wanted to share it with you. Here’s Betty’s 12-Step Process For Reorganizing Your Closet:

STEP 1: Remove everything and clean out your entire closet. Vacuum the closet floor, and dust the racks. You really want to deep clean like someone else is moving into your apartment and the closet’s gotta be in pristine condition.

STEP 2: Look at your closet space and make a plan. You want to make the best use of the space that you have. Think of it like playing the old-school game of Tetris.

STEP 3: Put all seasonal items aside into storage boxes and label them accordingly. Pick up several storage boxes. I recommend Michael’s for decorative boxes, The Container Store for something standard, and my personal favorite, The Laundress for something chic! Put all of your seasonal items in storage boxes, label them, and stow them somewhere out of your way.

STEP 4: Learn how to fold. Another way to keep your closet organized is folding your clothes in a uniform, neat way! If you’re not sure how to fold, pay attention to the retail stores next time you’re shopping and notice how they fold sweaters, shirts and pants that are laid out on tables. I’ll be doing a workshop soon on this, so make sure you’re subscribed to my list so you get notified.

STEP 5: Buy some space saving investments. One of the things that makes a closet look beautiful is having uniform hangers. Choose the same color and material for all of your hangers. Except wire hangers. They are really damaging to your clothes, and garments don’t hold their shapes properly on wire hangers.

STEP 6: Access your closet racks for clothing placement. Optimize your hanging closet space by grouping short and long garments. You can even invest in hangers that can even hold 6-8 blouses, pants, and skirts on one hanger. If there’s a dresser in your closet that cuts the hanging space in half, put your short hanging garments there. Hang long dresses in the floor length space.

STEP 7: Use garment bags to store evening wear and elegant attire. You can easily put off-season longer gowns or suits in garment bags and put them at the back of your closet. This way, they take up minimal space but you’re still preserving the clothes.

STEP 8: Check in on your progress. How’s it going? Getting frustrated? Take a short break if you need to and keep going. Remember you’re only doing this twice a year. And scroll up to remind yourself why you’re doing your closet reorganization. Save time, money, and stress! Imagine how easy it’ll be to get dressed EVERYDAY once this is done!

STEP 9: Organize your shoes. There’s a few ways you can organize your shoes in your closet. Go old school by keeping them in their original shoe box that you bought them in, and taping a polaroid on the outside of the box so you know what’s inside. Buying clear shoe box containers from The Container Store and storing them that way. You can also buy a shoe rack to keep on the closet floor, or invest in a hanging shoe organizer like this one from The Laundress. Betty notes, “accessibility and organization are important, so think about what works before you buy.”

STEP 10: Organize non-hangables and dresser drawers. Organize your socks, belts, scarves, jewelry, lingerie and panty hose in a neat manner. You can fold your scarves and buy drawer separators to help keep everything in place. You can roll your pantyhose and socks up, bagel style and line them in your drawer that way. I also love this bra organizer from The Container Store. You can buy a jewelry rack or boxes at your local Bed Bath and Beyond that can easily go on a countertop to save drawer space. Let personal preference and functionality lead your purchase decision here.

STEP 11: Keep your lingerie drawer tidy. Fold up your nightgowns and sleepwear shirts and stack them in your underwear drawer. You might want to leave some space for good jewelry. You can keep it in it’s original box if you want to. I use this Bed Bath and Beyond open stackable jewelry tray so I can stack them together, or have them apart and it still looks nice and organized.

STEP 12: Count 6 months from the date of your closet reorganization and mark it on your calendar! This will be your bi-annual closet maintenance routine! Simply bookmark this blog post if you need to pull it up again or link it to your Google calendar.

What To Do Next.

You did it! Sit back and enjoy the view of your hard work! Pay close attention to how much nicer and easier it will be to get dressed over these next few weeks. Maintaining your closet from here on out is going to be a breeze. All you’ll have to do is rotate your seasonal items so the front of your closet stays current. Wallah. No more stressing over scrambled clothes in a messy closet. Now you can enjoy getting ready, put the perfect outfit together with ease, and walk out of the house loving your look. I don’t know about you, but I’m so much nicer when I love my outfit. Saw that on an Instagram quote and fell in love. Let me know in the comments below if you know the original author!

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