Seasonal Fashion: How To Switch Your Style From Summer To Fall.

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Personal style tells a story, your story, and when the seasons change, it gives us an opportunity to show another layer of who we are. This is why I love seasonal fashion. We can switch things up a bit, experiment, and use the simplest pieces to tweak and transition from season to season. Last winter, I was working with one of my male clients, and one of his personal style goals was wanting to learn how to use his clothes to tell his story. Since it was the winter time, it was easy to use layering, a super simple styling technique, to teach him how to show different sides of his personality. Pairing a navy blue wool-lined blazer with a charcoal gray 3/4 length Henley shirt, made it easy to blend the nuanced and edgy sides of his personality. After winter passed, he wanted to know what he could do to tell the same story, in a different season, without using layers to do it. In this post, I’ll use our current season transition to outline how you can adapt your personal style from summer to fall with effortless ease.

Start With A Solid Foundation: Your Basic Summer Look.

Today, I was getting ready to head to a cafe to do some work. We’re coming up on the end of August here on the east coast in Allentown, Pennsylvania, so the weather’s been in limbo. It’s not quite fall, but it’s also not really summer anymore, either. One of the easiest ways I prepare my wardrobe for the upcoming season is to play with a new color palette. Just like you eat new, different foods during the fall season, like pumpkin and squash, I tend to spice up my wardrobe with new, bold colors with shades of purples, golds, and reds. This morning I was inspired to play with some of those colors. So, I started with my summer style foundation and took my basic summer look; tight white scoop neck tank top, caramel-colored strappy sandals and my high-waisted skinny jeans, and added red lipstick, a floral scarf with plums, reds, blues and sage green with a shiny gold outlining the flowers and paired it with a men’s dark plum blazer. I put my hair half-up, half down (usually wear it up in the summer) and pinned it to the side and put on gold jewelry to go with the detailing in the scarf. Here’s a picture of me (to the right) dressed in my tank top, jeans, and heels rocking a simple summer style and then another photo below to show you how easy it is to transition to fall using the summer style as your canvas.

Use What You Have To Adapt Your Personal Style.

fall fashion seasonal styleQuick side story: while I was driving on my way to the cafe, this super cute lavender purple door with the royal blue flower pot caught my eye. And I was like, there’s my backdrop for this blog post! Love it when that happens. But anyway, there was a sweet young girl walking by on the sidewalk and she paused while I was taking the photo and said, “I love your shoes!”. I smiled and looked at her outfit. She was so cute, wearing floral leggings with black combat boots! I didn’t think of it at the time, but I should have asked to take her photo! She’s like, “I have heels too, but I’m just not wearing them right now.” I smiled at her, and said that’s okay. She was obviously seven going on thirty, and her wit just made me smile. She just bounced right on by and little does she know that her cute outfit and comment made my day. I love when that kinda stuff happens.

Back to the point. I took these two photos because I wanted to share how easy it is to transition from summer to fall by adding seasonal fashion to your basic summer palette. You can literally change seasons in two seconds flat! I don’t call myself a functional fashion blogger for nothing, y’all. Wink. Also, another style tip for the ladies is you can wear your red lipstick lighter to make it more of a pink or lighter red, and then put it on heavier (not like overdoing it, but layering it just enough) for a deeper, scarlet red look for fall. You can’t exactly tell in this pic, but my nail color is a dusty rose, which is a nice in-between summer and fall nail color that works with fashion from both seasons. Guys, instead of lipstick or nail color (if you rock it that’s fine too) you can play with accessories like hats, layered necklaces and bracelets, socks and shoes. Picture your summer loafers paired with your favorite pair of jeans. A quick style tip to easily transition from summer to fall is to roll up, or cuff the bottom of your jeans for summer and then wear them down for fall. This way, you’re making a very minor tweak. Menswear designer, Roufel Mahmud Chowdhury (@apachibyrmc) has a nice example on his Instagram here.

Color Palettes: The Easiest Way To Change Seasons in Fashion.

Color palettes are a great way to help you transition your seasonal fashion. It’s one of the things I work with my clients on in my style program, The Fall Wardrobe Refresh, launching this September. Anuschka Rees says, “a great color palette should consist of six to twelve colors that work well with each other and reflect your style.” Creating a color palette for fall helps you zone in on seasonal pieces you may want to purchase, but it also gives you so much flexibility and diversity when choosing pieces to mix and match outfits. I already had this plum blazer and floral scarf and didn’t spend a dime to go from summer to fall in this look. All I did was choose different colors from my fall color palette and used the pieces that I already had to create this look. For example, the main colors of my color palette is white, black and rose gold/dusty rose/pastel pink (plus blue denim jeans, which are usually thrown into the mix) and neutral colors like brown (the color of my sunglasses and strappy sandals) and gray. My accent colors change with the season. In the summer, it was a mix of robin’s egg blue, hot pink, aqua green, and sunny yellow. For the fall, I played with accent colors like: deep purples like cranberry and plum, royal colors like scarlet red, gold and dark orange, and earthy tones like sage green. The neutral and main colors of in my palette stay the same. Anuschka Rees says, “accent colors work well for your statement pieces, and for maximum mix-and-match potential, choose accent colors that work with each neutral and at least two of your main colors”. You can see how the deep plum and floral scarf I chose works well with the caramel brown (neutral color) strappy sandals, white top, and blue (main colors) denim jeans in my outfit here. Watches are also a great seasonal switch for men. Think about accessories, socks, bandanas you can tie around your neck, forward and backwards hats, buttoned up or half undone dress shirts worn with your favorite vintage t-shirt underneath. Updating your style for the new seasons doesn’t have to be expensive complete wardrobe overall. You can spice up your wardrobe using color palettes and mix and matching pieces you already have in your new fall accent colors.

DIY: Try This At Home.

Experiment this week with your own color palette and use it to transition from summer to fall fashion. Pair a darker blazer with with a dark-colored fedora hat, and keep your summer premium basic tee, like this one in Dream Blue from Goodlife here, and your keep the cuff of your favorite denim jeans rolled up paired with white leather sneakers pictured here from J.Crew Mens. And there you have it! Start with your summer basic look as your foundation, blank canvas if you will, and add new pieces, in fall accent colors to help you transition from one season to another and create a shopping list of some fall items you might want to add to your wardrobe. Try it this week, and see how it goes.

Stacy Hamm
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