THE BESPOKE SUIT: a 6-month, hybrid style & relationship improvement program for men.

“Every man in the world is looking for the woman who needs him, but isn’t dependent on him; who is sexual, but is more than a just a seductress; who is kind and generous, but not validation seeking; who is loyal and supports his growth but doesn’t tell him how to live; who fights for her man but is not jealous; who is independent but makes him feel like the most important person in her life; who kicks ass out there in the world, but lets herself be vulnerable and gentle with him.”

Matthew Hussey

Imagine you knew what long term looked like, and had a clear path for maintaining your long-term relationships. In the Bespoke Suit program, you’ll learn how to improve your look and romantic relationships, so you can evaluate and understand what long term looks like and make clear, assertive decisions so your relationship coasts at the 3,6,9 and 12-month mark.


  • You’ve compromised your values in relationships.
  • You’ve suppressed your masculinity out of fear of totally losing your woman.
  • Slowly, but surely, you’ve withered away, inch by inch, and let more and more things go.
  • You’re tired of feeling resentful, like a diminished, shriveled up version of yourself.
  • You’re not sure what happens next in your relationship after you’re together.
  • You’re wondering when to have that conversation about long-term commitment.

There’s a direct correlation between how you dress, and how you manage your relationships. The Bespoke Suit is a hybrid 6-month mens style and relationship program that covers both. Your investment comes back to you tenfold when you dress for respect, and properly maintain your wardrobe by adding to it, arranging it, and retiring it, as needed.


“I was really unhappy with how I looked. My general look was wearing the same things constantly and I wore a lot of loose fitting clothes. I was tired of buying a bunch of shit and hoping it worked out. I bought a whole bunch of dress pants and shirts, but it wasn’t realistic to my lifestyle.”

“I tried to match colors, tried to think of things other people would wear and choose something in my closet that was the closest, sometimes it turned out okay, but it was never awesome. It usually didn’t work out.”

“I’d look in the mirror and go, who’d wanna fuck that guy? No one. That was pretty much what it was like.”

“I wanted to improve. It was a big project. It’s been this way for a long time. What am I gonna do about that? There was a challenge, but I needed a path to getting through it.”

“I’ve tried other things before like, “this guy looks cool. Let’s try to do that. But they were fictional scenarios, so it didn’t work.”

“I’m just gonna go buy some things that look cool and try to put it together. I spent a couple grand and I’m never gonna wear any of it, awesome.”


  • 90-minute, Monthly Sessions. We review each month’s curriculum and assignments before moving to the next topic. You get 6 total, monthly sessions for the duration of the program. This is your monthly deep dive session where you get interactive exercises to integrate the information.
  • 30-minute, Monthly Check-in Sessions. You’ll get two monthly check-in sessions that can be used to ask questions as you work through the program and complete assignments. Use this time to get feedback on exercises, gain practical knowledge and understanding to run relationships at the 3,6,9, and 12-month mark.
  • Monthly Progress Reports. In addition to the check-in sessions, you’ll get active feedback and progress reports on how you’re hitting your monthly metrics and ways to improve performance to meet your style and relationship goals.
  • Monthly Wardrobe Maintenance. Identify your wardrobe gaps and dressing pain points while adding to your wardrobe, learning new ways to arrange it, and when to retire items that aren’t useful. Get product recommendations and brand suggestions to improve your general look.
  • Unlimited Email Support. Clients may ask questions via email or live chat throughout the duration of the program.


Total cost is for the 6 month program paid in full. Payment plans available upon request.


Submit your intake form to apply for The Bespoke Suit program. These questions are a part of my intake to ensure you get the best results from your investment. I’ll review your form then send you a link to book your consultation and discuss your personalized program in further detail.


“Before working with Sexuality Stylist, there were a lot of ways I wouldn’t wear things. Now, I vary what I wear and how I wear it. I chose Sexuality Stylist because I really trusted you, and felt like you had my best interest at heart. The wardrobe package built me up and it empowered me to do a lot of stuff on my own, instead of being berating, like why are you wearing this, what the fuck are you doing. That was fantastic. I just feel better now. I get hit on a lot. I flirt more, when before I wouldn’t have had the confidence to. I’m more stable, positive, and driven. When I’m down, having the extra crutch to looking good helps me feel better. When I dress better, I’m used to feeling better consistently.” –Private Client

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the investment price for The Bespoke Suit program during the beta-testing phase. Price will increase once beta-testing has concluded.