How To Find Your Signature Scent. [Perfume Personality Quiz].

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Every woman’s wardrobe is not complete without her signature scent. Feeling sexy every day means making time for romantic subtleties. Something that lingers after you leave the room, not in a way where it’s like you have too much on, but in the way that provokes curiosity. Imagine walking out of a room whether it be at a special event, or the lobby of your office building, leaving a little something behind each time. Men and women alike, pick up on the scent, turn around, and search for the mysterious woman who left her signature scent behind. Now, that‘s sexy.

How long does it take to put on perfume? Less than one minute. The email doesn’t need to be responded to right this second. People will never give you time for romance. You have to take it, and prioritize it. And then, you will see how romance respects you in return. This is why I’m a huge advocate for doing little things each day to weave romance into your day-to-day lifestyle.

Why Perfume Is An Essential In Every Woman’s Wardrobe.

One of the most significant intimacies of getting dressed every day is selecting your scent based on how you want to feel, and who you want to be that day, and then slowly, and strategically, tracing your body with the fragrance. Just like there are perfumes for every woman, there are also perfumes for every mood, and every character of that woman.

Perfume is not something you spray on quickly after your completely dressed and running out the door. No, beauty. Perfume is an elegance that needs to be placed mindfully on your body in places only you will ever know. This act in itself invokes a seductive feeling and sensual imagination that starts long before you put on a blouse or jeans. I recommend putting perfume on after your morning personal hygiene routine, and selecting your scent once you’ve selected the lingerie you’re going to be wearing.

Let me stop all the beauties right here who are thinking, “what if I’m wearing a simple t-shirt bra and nude colored panties?” Totally fine. There’s a signature scent for everything and every mood. I’m not painting a specific picture that lingerie only looks like a black lace balconette bra and matching panties, but I do want you to be intentional with the lingerie you are selecting for the day, and pair it with how you want to feel, and then place your perfume accordingly. Ask yourself, who Am I? Who do I want to be today? Your selected scent will follow. It’s beautiful how we always get the answers if we pause to ask ourselves the questions.

Selecting Your Signature Scent Sets The Tone For The Day.

Perfume is like makeup. You get to play with different scents like wearing different lipsticks. But, the beauty with perfume is, no one really knows what you’re wearing until you tell them. It adds a whole other layer of sensuality to your personal style repertoire. I love working with my female clients and helping them update their lingerie drawer. But no wardrobe is complete without your signature scent.

Finding your signature scent can be overwhelming when you’re greeted with a whole wall of perfumes at your local Sephora. But remember, your in control. Your perfume is your foundation, and no one can tell you which one to recommend because you know you best. So you’re gonna have to use your intuition here, and your sense of smell. And a woman can always have more than one. We have many sides, so it’s only fitting. The same goes for gentlemen. Men have their own signature scent, too. And it’s sexy AF when it lures you in.

How To Find Your Signature Scent Without The Overwhelm.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is when someone asked Marilyn Monroe what she wore to bed and she replied, Chanel No. 5. It left so much to the imagination. Three little words that were so simple, yet so seductive.

But, where do you begin? How do you find your Chanel No. 5? You start with your values. You already know who you are, what you need, and what you believe in. Look in the mirror. Look at the person who plays the same role every Monday through Friday and ask yourself, who am I? Who do I want to be today? Is there a version of myself that I lost sight of? Do I want to feel more sexy and attractive? Do I want to feel empowered and strong to get myself through a 16-hour work day? Do I need faith, courage, or kindness today? Give it to yourself in your perfume. There’s something remarkable that happens when we dress our inner desires. We feel connected to them. Whether it be a dress, perfume, or a shade of lipstick. Finding your signature scent always starts with you.

Personally, I highly recommend the hand-crafted fragrance company @tocca. I love Gia, Guiliette, Maya and Cleopatra to name a few. If you read the perfume descriptions closely, each one tells you who she is. I also recommend their absolutely decadent hair fragrances. I also highly recommend @sabonnyc Rose Body Oil and @lovephilosophy Amazing Grace scents. Playing with scents is so much fun! You will learn a lot about yourself, what you like, and who you are through simply taking the time to find your signature scent. It will guide you to develop your personal style archetypes, which reveals to you your innate sense of style. But more on that another day. Ladies and gents: let me know in the comments below, what’s your signature scent!?

Take This TOCCA Quiz To Find Your Inner Goddess.

Still need some guidance? Take the WHICH TOCCA GIRL ARE YOU? quiz and see what you get. Even if you don’t personally resonate with any of the scents, which is unlikely because they have something for every goddess, but you can always learn which scent fits you most, read the description and look for an option with the same notes of tangerine or golden amber in it.

If you’re looking at the cost and thinking you don’t have $75 in your budget right now to buy a bottle of perfume, you can simply stop by your local Sephora and pick up travel sized bottles of your favorite scent, or buy the rollerball or the travel fragrance size for a lower amount. This way you’re not scrapping the idea all together. Trust me that $75, $27, or $35 investment will go a long way in how you feel each day. Sign up for their newsletter, you get a discount. Shop on sale. There are ways to make it work. You just gotta be creative. I love how they also sell hand lotions, candles, hand washes in the same scents. Having a candle burning at night while you’re winding down, having lotion on hand when you’re heading back to your office after using the restroom, and spritzing hair fragrance in your hair when you skip a wash are all examples of the romantic subtleties I talked about in the beginning of this post. Those little practices with selective scents will bring you back to that personality you want to embody throughout the day. Even after you place the perfume on your body before you get dressed in the morning. Try it, and let me know what your signature scent is in the comments below.

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